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Here is some information about how to do your own special effects on a limited budget. Cheap ways to make your horror or sci-fi movie look real.


Let us think of doing not just one but several video tracks for some scenes. For cloning effects or green or blue screen you can have two or more images running in your editor at the same time. One piacture or video can be overlaid on top of another or a split screen cam show two sides of a room which were filmed or video taped just a few minutes apart. Those two images can become one and the scene can take on an entirely different perspective.

In this next video I show the basic elements of green and blue screen chroma keying and cloning. The possibilities for using these simple effects are endless.

Getting started

An FX Video

This video uses an overlay, cloning and green screen approach to creating an illusion. It was made with a low cost video editor called Magix Pro 14. This effect is now cheap and easy to do. It once was out of reach of low budget productions. This one also has a blue screen effect in a couple of places where green screen would not work.

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Toy cars look very real in green screen projects for such things as car accident scenes or parking lots of the 1930s or 1940s. The models look real enough to fool any audience. Get models that are made to scale. They come in different sizes. You probably can find some in the ten dollar range.


One of the sources I found very worthwhile for my video making was Morgue File Pictures.

Another site to look at is Detonation Films.

Neither of those sites has paid any money for advertising here. I recommend them just because I like what they offer.

Video Sites

When you are getting started with your video projects, there are many free sites which allow you to use their bandwidth. That means you can test market your ideas or your qualifications by putting up a sample reel at a site like YouTube. There are many other video sites but YouTube is the biggest.

Your video at YouTube can be like a business card or a resume that shows how well you are at doing the editing or directing for a movie. You might eventually want to work with other movie makers and actors. The sample reel will get you started. It might also be a way to get some investors interested in your project.


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