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If Schlock is good, there should be a Schlock 2.

Watch A dreadful movie

So it's 1966. We need to make a great movie. We have a few bucks in the till. Hey, I have an idea. What if we go ahead and produce whatever script somebody slides under the door next? That would be so wonderful. Hollywood is full of great writers. Oh, look. A script is being shoved under the door. Hmm. Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter. Brilliant. Get that list of casting agents who owe us a favor.

This movie is free to watch here or at The Internet Archive. You can watch it at your leisure for a great choice of cinema delight during your Bad Movie Night.

Bad Movie Night

If you have a few friends who like to pop over once in awhile, ask them to drop by on your Bad Movie Night. Serve popcorn and soda pop and maybe some pizza or bologna sandwiches. Have a pot luck snack bar. This is the kind of movie which can make the time fly by. A fine Frankenstein interpretation of what if he had a baby girl who was living amongst cowboys? What if, indeed.

This classic is public domain as it should be. It can be played in full screen size by clicking on the lower right square button.

Frankenstein Moo

The B List of Fright

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The Bijou Theater

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I will search for other classic cinema from highly respected directors and producers. These are the films which make us scream.

Coming Soon

I will be adding other movies and trailers for your pleasure.


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